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    German Guild

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    Welcome to Marinecorps, protectors of DBO from all the way back in 2010! Despite many trials and tribulations, the marines of DBO remain strong and steadfast and will continue to serve other players while also defeating those who would oppose us. Thank you for checking us out, and we hope to see you enlist and join us!

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    Aiming to become a small friendly group to do group content. Looking to have a diverse roster of all classes and not just humans Need: 2 Poko Priests, 2 Dark Warriors, 1 Shadow Knight, 2 Dende Priests, 2 Grand Chefs, 2 Ultimate Majins, 2 Plasma Majins, By Interest message Wexevil or Cthyxia. All Hail Lord Popo

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    shitty guild, don't join <3

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    very epic guild

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    Welcome this is PopoHeart Hi i'm the guild leader kai Here in PopoHeart we are here to have fun here in DBOUR playing the events and helping all members with power leveling, UD, TMQ, dungeon(like bacterian and karken and etc), budokai (adult and kid), CCBD and other events i hoping we could do alot of scramble encourage to get new members and we are looking to get crafters, CCBD player, Budokai players and more. contact in on discord user: 𝕶𝖆𝖎/甲斐/佳#0132 AND LETS MAKE THIS THE BEST GUILD IN DBOUR

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    Ya will see this guild til there is no future! For more info about Rules and Event and such wait til OB

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    Veteran Guild from Taiwan Server 2. Anyone is welcome to join, old or new members!

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    OneSoldierArmy - means that you can't join this guild.

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    Best guild in dbo history.

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    This guild hasn't provided a description.