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  3. tal3341

    I love you
  4. World Martial Arts Tournament! ( Stop the crashes pl0x. Universe Points are manually allocated currently. Fixed Crash when client is unable to detect your mac address. Fix some disconnects. Fix more transmog related crashes. Fix Auctionhouse Crash Fixed Crash on loading. Fixed a random crash with buffs. FIX COMMON BUDOKAI TELEPORT CRASHES Fixed too many quests being displayed on the quest indicator gui. Fix Unable to Get Mac Address. Fix Cancel Transformation bug Server side performance enhancements White stone Break now only drops 0-3 levels. (So yes there is a chance you will not lose a level with whitestones) LAUNCHER SETTINGS NOW FULLY WORK!
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  6. DeamonLordZack

  7. gojonoku

    first one close to the start of RP HQ Second one behind the doors where you need to use the dynamite on Third one behind the door where you need to use slippery oil on Fourth one behind the door that is opened by using the lever. Bascicly have to always complete the quests of the previous murasaki in order to get to the next one.
  8. DeamonLordZack

    Thanks for the help but can I trouble you for a little hint on where's the location of the 2nd Murasaki is located please?
  9. gojonoku

    if you finish all the quests given from the first and second murasaki you'll get another item called slippery oil from the second murasaki. With this slippery oil you can open that door. The final door can be opened by cranking the lever found at the southwest area with the combat robot.
  10. DeamonLordZack

    As the title says I've tried using explosives from a drop I got in UD1 but that doesn't work I've tried googling it but nothing helpful comes up. I got through the 1st door with the explosives from 1 of the Murasaki brothers at the front but couldn't backtrack after I went through to progress to the 2nd door to turn in a quest. But I've tried killing several monsters & they don't drop explosives to use & as I've wondered around there I've never seen a quest giver for a 2nd explosives to use for the 2nd door.
  11. SanGawku

    Alright let me try logging again and seeing whats happening
  12. JhinSkymoon

    SanGawku build a new client for me and my problem its fixed... Thanks a lot SanGawku, i was patient because I know that keeping this game stable is not easy and more if they add unofficial content, it requires a lot of dedication, I know a little programming and I know that this is very hard and even more so if you don't have the official program that the Main Company of DBO uses in this game to handle it. Thank you very much and keep it up!
  13. Lady

    Hi all! I until cant log =(
  14. SanGawku

    Yeah thats the error it should take care of, give me 20 minutes to upload new patch
  15. Lady

    I am re patch with see in another post... but not fixed her...
  16. SanGawku

    I will take a look in just a few minutes. Im getting ready to push another patch that may fix it!
  17. wh889900

    why aren't Budokai on time? Can there be an accurate timetable?Don’t waste everyone’s time, ok?
  18. Lady

    Hi all... I dont know what hapened with my char... I am again buggued... now are in West City, the client close and I recive the msg error 0023, that before the new patch. =( I dont want lost other weekend =( Ty.
  19. Last week
  20. JhinSkymoon

    After the new update, the MaxMultisamples was fixed, but it still fails in Failed to Read MAC Address... Waiting on SanGawku to check this, hope he see this. [14:58:26 PM] Initalizing Dragonball Online Universe Revelations Version 1.60 [14:58:27 PM] Initalizing Dragonball Online Universe Revelations Version 1.60 [14:58:45 PM] Mod Loaded: mods\\texture\ntlwe\planet\sun_001.png [14:58:47 PM] CDboNUStage::CreateWorld (167) : [DBOUR] already exist world entity [14:58:48 PM] GetSystemMacAddress (29) : [WARNING] Fail read MAC address
  21. Demetre

    this yay for patch notes

    ._. press '0' key in the numpad, you can change it in config section
  23. DeamonLordZack

    Nice going with this patch the quest navigation feature is very useful. I'd still like to see the life/magic pills become more useful by shortening the cooldown time for them. I mean they're supposed to be very useful items for when you're low on LP/EP but as soon as you use 1 of them 1of it's type causes all it's type to go on cooldown & then by the time the fight is over if you survived the cooldown time might be close to done & you can use the pills again. I'd like their cooldown time to both be separate from each other example being life pills L doesn't cause life pills X to start cooldown time as well I. I'd also like for all pills to have a cooldown time that's no longer than 12.0Sec so that they can be used more than 1 time in a battle.
  24. Benevolent

    do you have in mind soon implement the self cast key? 0.0
  25. Showoff

    Along with the honey / silver coins not working with caps lock, the fighter speed buff (Blitz) still has an issue with the Poko speed buff (became an issue on previous patch). Quick hotfix would be awesome to fix this issue! Before, Karma or Fighter speed buff would stack with Poko's. Now only the karma's does. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask! Many thanks.
  26. garuda

    Transmogrification!!!!. What I was always asking for in a certain server that died and where they always replied that this was not possible. Great the UR team. Don't lose momentum. that makes me want to donate
  27. wh889900

    Settings cannot take effect ,Honey and coins cannot be picked up! !
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